Adrian College Bulldogs Women's Lacrosse Tradition and All-Time Honors

NCAA Division III Championship Appearances (4)
2011--First Round (Gettysburg, L 25-10)
2012--First Round (Denison, L 11-10/OT) 
2013--Regional Semifinals (Kenyon, W 18-16; SUNY Cortland, L 21-3)
2014--Second Round (Augustana-Ill., L 22-14)

Conference Championships (8 titles=4 regular season+4 tournament)
2008--No affiliation
2009--No affiliation
2010--No affiliation
2011--MWLC Regular Season (16-5 Overall, 6-0 Conf.); Tournament: North Central (Ill.), W 22-4; Carthage, W 25-4 
2012--MWLC Regular Season (17-3 Overall, 7-0 Conf.); Tournament: Mt. St. Joseph, W 19-5; Carthage, W 11-6 
2013--MIAA Regular Season (17-3 Overall, 6-0 Conf.); Tournament: Albion, W 21-2; Alma, W 17-6
2014--MIAA Regular Season (12-6 Overall, 8-0 Conf.); Tournament: Albion, W 22-10; Alma, W 16-7

Intercollegiate Women's Lacrosse Coaches Association All-America (1 student-athlete 1 time)
2013--Stacey Birlson, Senior, A, IWLCA Third Team

Intercollegiate Women's Lacrosse Coaches Association All-Region (5 student-athletes 14 times)
2009--Rachel Johnston, Freshman, Attack, IWLCA First Team All-West Region
2009--Amanda Lambert, Freshman, Midfield, IWLCA First Team All-West Region
2010--Rachel Johnston, Sophomore, Attack, IWLCA First Team All-West Region
2010--Amanda Lambert, Sophomore, Midfield, IWLCA First Team All-West Region   
2010--Cassie Hoyez, Freshman, Midfield, IWLCA Second Team All-West Region 
2011--Rachel Johnston, Junior, Attack, IWLCA First Team All-West Region 
2011--Amanda Lambert, Junior, Midfield, IWLCA First Team All-West Region
2011--Stacey Birlson, Sophomore, Attack, IWLCA Second Team All-West Region
2011--Cassie Hoyez, Sophomore, Midfield, IWLCA Second Team All-West Region
2012--Amanda Lambert, Senior, Midfield, IWLCA First Team All-West Region 
2012--Stacey Birlson, Junior, Attack, IWLCA First Team All-West Region
2013--Stacey Birlson, Senior, Attack, IWLCA First Team All-Great Lakes Region
2013--Cassie Hoyez, Senior, Midfield, IWLCA First Team All-Great Lakes Region
2013--Hannah Early, Junior, Midfield, IWLCA First Team All-Great Lakes Region 

All-Conference (24 student-athletes 39 times)
2011--Amanda Lambert, Junior, First Team Midfield (MWLC Offensive Player of the Year)
2011--Cassie Hoyez, Sophomore, First Team Defense
2011--Stacey Birlson, Sophomore, First Team Attack
2011--Rachel Johnston, Junior, First Team Attack
2011--Lindsay Day, Junior, Midfield, First Team At-Large 
2011--Olivia Duncan, Sophomore, Midfield, First Team At-Large 
2011--Hannah Early, Freshman, Second Team Defense
2011--Laura VonderHaar, Junior, Second Team Defense
2011--Mary Accomando, Freshman, Attack, Second Team At-Large
2012--Rachel Cibulas, MWLC Coach of the Year, first season
2012--Amanda Lambert, Senior, First Team Midfield (MWLC Offensive Player of the Year) 
2012--Katrina Rabishaw, Senior, First Team Defense
2012--Laura VonderHaar, Senior, First Team Defense
2012--Amanda Lambert, Senior, First Team Midfield 
2012--Olivia Duncan, Junior, First Team Attack 
2012--Stacey Birlson, Junior, First Team Attack  
2012--Rachel Johnston, Senior, First Team At-Large (attack)
2012--Laura Finfrock, Senior, Second Team Goalie
2012--Lindsey Day, Senior, Second Team Midfield
2013--Stacey Birlson, Senior, First Team Attack (MIAA Offensive Player of the Year)
2013--Olivia Duncan, Senior, First Team Attack 
2013--Hannah Early, Junior, First Team Midfield 
2013--Heather Newblom, Senior, First Team Defense
2013--TaShina Salas, Freshman, Second Team Midfield
2013--Kate Ravenhall, Senior, Second Team Defense
2013--Defense - Maddie Dugan, Junior, Second Team Defense
2014--Hannah Early, Senior, First Team Midfield (MIAA Offensive Player of the Year)
2014--Brianna Plester, Freshman, First Team Midfield (MIAA Rookie of the Year) 
2014--Maddie Dugan, Senior, First Team Attack
2014--Michelle Sandlin, Junior, First Team Defense
2014--Jul Tehovnik, Senior, Second Team Goalkeeper
2014--Christine Campbell, Freshman, Second Team Attack
2014--TaShina Salas, Sophomore, Second Team Midfield 
2014--Laurel Van’t Hof, Senior, Second Team Defense
2016--Alex Branum, Sophomore, First Team Midfield 
2016--Annika Nuler, Sophomore, Second Team Midfield
2016--Annie Rice, Freshman, Second Team At–Large (midfield)
2017--Annie Rice, Sophomore, First Team Attack
2017--Annika Nuler, Junior, First Team Midfield
2019--Annie Rice, Senior, Second Team Attack

(Note: Adrian did not have conference affiliation from 2008-10. Adrian was a member of the Midwest Women's Lacrosse Conference from 2011-12. The Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association has offered Women's Lacrosse as a championship sport since 2013.) 

Academic All-Conference (15 student-athletes 18 times)
2013--Heather Newblom, Senior
2013--Katherine Ravenhall, Senior
2013--Lydia Reedy, Freshman,
2013--Julia Tehovnik, Junior
2014--Sarah Connelly, Senior
2014--Hannah Early, Senior
2014--Lisa Lemm, Freshman,
2014--Nicol Parker, Senior
2014--Julia Tehovnik, Senior
2015--Alison Dungey, Freshman, 
2015--Annika Nuler, Freshman,
2015--Meghan VanZyl, Senior
2016--Samantha Silvers, Freshman,
2016--Lisa Lemm, Junior
2016--Allison Karrmann, Freshman,
2016--Annie Rice, Freshman,
2016--Annika Nuler, Sophomore
2016--Jenna Carter, Sophomore
2017--to be announced
(Note: Adrian did not have conference affiliation from 2008-10...Adrian was a member of the Midwest Women's Lacrosse Conference from 2011-12. The Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association has offered Women's Lacrosse as a championship sport since 2013.)

Conference Player(s) of the Week (17 student-athletes 30 times)
2011--Rachel Johnston, Feb. 21-Mar. 6; Amanda Lambert, Mar. 21-27; Olivia Duncan, Mar. 28-Apr. 3; Stacey Birlson, Apr. 11-17 

2012 Offensive--Lindsey Day, 3/12/12; Rachel Johnston, 3/26/12; Olivia Duncan, 4/9/12; Olivia Duncan, 4/23/12
2012 Defensive--Laura Finfrock, 3/12/12; Laura VonderHaar, 3/26/12; Amanda Lambert, 4/9/12; Amanda Lambert, 4/23/12; Katrina Rabishaw, 4/30/12   

2013 Offensive-- Heather Newblom, (offensive), Week #2; Stacey Birlson, Week #5; Cassie Hoyez, Week #10
2013 Defensive--Maddie McDonald, Week #1; Hannah Early, Week #2; Cassie Hoyez, Week #4; Heather Newblom, Week #9; Maddie McDonald, Week #10

2014 Offensive--Brianna Plester, Week #2; Hannah Early, Week #7; Brianna Plester, Week #10
2014 Defensive--Jul Tehovnik, Week #9; Jul Tehovnik, Week #10

2017 Offensive--Emily Smith, April 3; Annie Rice, April 24

2019 Offensive--Annie Rice, March 11; Annie Rice, March 25

(Note: Adrian did not have conference affiliation from 2008-10.)

NCAA Division III National Statistical Champions

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