Adrian College Men's Soccer Tradition And All-Time Honors

All-Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association (86 student-athletes 126 times)
1982--Scott Cool, Forward; Mike Fritz, Midfielder; Mark Issler, Midfielder; Michael Kilbane, Goalkeeper; Charles May, Forward; Robert McGee, Back; Norman Smith, Midfielder; Thomas Sprout, Forward; Peter Vassalo, Midfielder; Sam Yau, Sophomore, Back...all Honorable Mention all-conference
1983--Sam Yau, Junior, First Team Back; Myron Hnatczuk, Back; Tom Mercer, Goalkeeper; Dave Reitrzak, Back; Dave VanDyke, Forward...all Honorable Mention all-conference
1984--Sam Yau, Senior, First Team Back; Mark Issler, Second Team Midfielder; Larry Kuzniar, Second Team Forward; Mike Fritz, Midfielder; Eric Hanson, Back; Tim Heckman, Back; Doug Jarvis, Goalkeeper; Dave Murphy, Forward...all Honorable Mention all-conference
1985--Joe Huck, Class, First Team Back; Larry Kuzniar, Second Team Forward; Mike Fritz, Midfielder; Tim Heckman, Back; Doug Jarvis, Goalkeeper; Michael Willerer, Midfielder...all Honorable Mention all-conference
1986--John Connolly, Midfielder; Rick Connolly, Forward; Tom Davis, Midfielder; Terry Jackson, Back; Larry Kuzniar, Forward...all Honorable Mention all-conference
1987--Chris Thorton, Second Team Back; John Connolly, Midfielder; Tom Davis, Midfielder...all Honorable Mention all-conference
1988--Paul Anike, Class, First Team Forward; Tom Davis, Second Team Back
1992--Craig Barnhart, Forward; Matt Calnin, Forward; Jeff Sosville, Back; Brad Winkler, Goalkeeper...all Honorable Mention all-conference
1993--Matt Calnin, Forward; Vince Harkins, freshman...all Honorable Mention all-conference
1994--not applicable
995--Damon Gutierrez, junior; Matt Wiliford, senior; Ricky Hume, sophomore; Jeff Rosenbrook, sophomore; Vince Harkins, junior...all Honorable Mention all-conference
1996--Vince Harkins, Senior, Second Team Goalkeeper; Benjamin Battista, Christopher Chaffee, Matthew Grimm, Richard Gutierrez, Garrett Hotchkiss, Samuel Robison, Jeff Rosenbrook, junior; Shawn Soudek......all Honorable Mention all-conference
1997--Jeff Rosenbrook, Senior, Second Team Midfielder
1997--Shaw Cousino, Levi Hendershott, Garrett Hotchkiss, Shane McVey, Shawn Soudek, Aaron Swiggum...all Honorable Mention all-conference
1998--Josh Davies, Nick Hartley, Shane McVey, Shawn Soudek...all Honorable Mention
1999--Levi Hendershott, Casey Morrow, Ray Scaife, Steve Scheel, David Swatosh, Jason Riley...all Honorable Mention all-conference
2000--Todd Rosenbrook, Senior, Second Team Back
2000--Jason Riley, Ray Secife...both honorable mention all-conference
2001--Phil Andre, Casey Morrow, Andy Schlicklin...all Honorable Mention all-conference
2002--Phil Andre, Russ Perrin, Erik Rothenhauser...all Honorable Mention all-conference
2003--Tom Maxwell, Erik Rothenhauser, Joe Schloff, Mike Poloha...all Honorable Mention all-conference
2004--Joe Schloff, Stewart Cherry, Erik Rothenhauser, Yumo Ohno...all Honorable Mention all-conference
2005--Eric Drake, Chris Greene, Ryan O'Keefe...all Honorable Mention all-conference
2006--Ryan O'Keefe, Eric Drake, Colin Harpst...all Honorable Mention all-conference
2007--Erik Drake, Junior, Second Team Midfielder
2009--Cazz Warren, Freshman, Second Team Forward
2010--Billy Cremeans, Sophomore, First Team Forward
2010--Cazz Warren, Sophomore, Second Team Forward
2010--Marcus Derrick-Huie, Freshman, Second Team Midfielder 
2010--Jamie Brower, Sophomore, Second Team Back
2011--Jamie Brower, Junior, Second Team Back
2012--Niko Giantsopoulous, Freshman, Second Team Goalkeeper
2012--Ryan McCarthy, Junior, Second Team Midfielder 
2012--Nick Minshall, Sophomore, Second Team Forward
2013--Nick Minshall, Junior, First Team Forward 
2013--Niko Giantsopoulous, Sophomore, First Team Goalkeeper
2013--Matt Davis, Sophomore, Second Team Defender
2014--Nick Minshall, Senior, Second Team, Forward
2016--Brandon Katona, Sophomore, First Team Midfielder
2016--Chris Stanhope, Sophomore, First Team Defender
2016--Tad Davis, Sophomore, Second Team Forward
2016--Sean Cain, Junior, Second Team Defender
2017--Jordan Miller, Freshman, First Team Midfielder
2017--Justin Tobin, Freshman, First Team Defender
2017--Tad Davis, Junior, Second Team Midfielder
2017--Brandon Katona, Junior, Second Team Midfielder
2018--Zachary Roller, Senior, First Team Defender
2018--Tad Davis, Senior, Second Team Forward
2018--Spencer Brown, Junior, Second Team Goalie
2018--Justin Tobin, Sophomore, Second Team Defender
2019--Spencer Brown, Senior, First Team Goalie
2019--Garrett Miller, Senior, Second Team Midfielder
2019--Justin Tobin, Junior, Second Team Defender

Dr. Marvin Zuidema Award longtime men's soccer coach and athletic administrator at Calvin College. The recipient is to be a senior selected for his contributions to team play, leadership qualities, demonstration of ethical virtues and excellence in athletics and academics.
2003--Mike Poloha, co-honoree
2017--Sean Cain

Academic All-Conference (coming soon....)
Year--Name, Class, Position, Major 

MIAA Player of the Week (24 student-athletes 30 times)
2005 (offensive)--Eric Drake, Freshman (Week #1)
2006 (defensive)--Ryan O'Keefe, Senior (Week #4)
2007 (offensive)--Alex Bergmooser, Freshman (Week #7) 
2007 (defensive)--Nick Siekirk, Freshman (Week #3)
2008 (offensive)--Sean Dillon, Junior (Week #1)
2008 (offensive)--Eric Drake, Senior (Week #3)
2009 (offensive)--Cazz Warren, Freshman (Week #2)
2009 (co-offensive)--Cazz Warren, Freshman (Week #6)
2010 (co-offensive)--Bill Cremeans, Sophomore (Week #5)
2010 (offensive)--Marcus Derrick-Huie, Freshman (Week #10)
2010 (defensive)--Jamie Brower, Sophomore (Week #7)
2010 (defensive)--Alex Pavlika, Senior (Week #8)  
2011 (offensive)--Mitch Aguilera, Sophomore (Week #6)
2012 (offensive)--Nick Minshall, Sophomore (Week #3)
2012 (defensive)--Niko Giantsopoulous, Freshman (Week #7) 
2012 (defensive)--Matt Davis, Freshman (Week #9) 
2013 (co-offensive)--Nick Minshall, Junior (Week #5)  
2014 (defensive)--Lino Taormina, Junior (Week #3) 
2015 (defensive)--Lino Taormina, Senior (Nov. 2) 
2016 (offensive)--Brandon Katona, Sophomore (Oct. 3)
2016 (defensive)--Chris Stanhope, Sophomore (Oct. 17) 
2017 (offensive)--Brandon Katona, Junior (Oct. 30)
2017 (defensive)--Justin Tobin, Freshman (Sept. 18); Sean Cain, Senior (Oct. 9)
2018 (offensive)--Tad Davis, Senior (Sept. 24); Tad Davis, Senior (Oct. 22)
2018 (defensive)--Zachary Roller, Senior (Oct. 22)
2019 (offensive)--Grant Perrine,Sophomore (Sept. 3); Garrett Miller, Senior (Oct. 28)
2019 (defensive)--Spencer Brown. Senior (Sept. 9)

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