SEASON REVIEW: Bulldogs Collegiate Synchronized Skating Repeats as Sectional and National Medalists

The 2018-19 Adrian College synchronized skating collegiate team. (Photo by Mike Dickie)
The 2018-19 Adrian College synchronized skating collegiate team. (Photo by Mike Dickie)

ADRIAN, Mich.-–The Adrian College synchronized skating collegiate team completed another successful season, earning a medal at every competitive event on the local, sectional and national stages in 2018-19.  

Skating to a medley of music by Gloria Estefan, the team had clearly defined competitive and artistic goals from the moment training began in August.

"This team is not ashamed to vocalize their competitive goals. They are striving for a national title," explained Bulldogs head coach Ashley Carlson. "When (Assistant) Coach (Bonnie) Lynch and I designed their competitive program this season, we strategically combined very difficult elements and creative transitions with unique twists people haven't yet seen in the collegiate division."

When asked about the team's signature style, senior co-captain Macauley Lukenda described, "We pride ourselves on being innovators in the collegiate division. The difficult group lifts and our creative intersection with axels are perfect examples of our gutsy style."

Highlights of the season included earning the silver medal at the famously competitive Dr. Porter Classic in December and reclaiming the bronze medal at the 2019 Midwestern Sectional Championships.

The team wrapped up its competitive season earning the pewter medal at the 2019 US Synchronized Skating Championships, landing on the podium for the second season in a row. "I was so impressed with how confident and calm the team was throughout the event," stated Carlson. "From official practice, to locker room preparation, to competition, they got the job done."

When asked about the team's ability to stay focused under pressure, sophomore co-captain Madeline Alestra said, "Our team has a special personality. We do things our own way, and we're proud of that. We listened to smooth jazz in the locker room before we competed. We know what works for us."  

Up next for the Bulldogs is 2019 Recruitment Weekend and Tryouts on March 29-31, at Adrian College. For more information, please visit

--Ashley Carlson


2018 Philadelphia Synchronized Skating Invitational

1.       Adrian College Varsity SST – 71.51

2018 Annual Kalamazoo Kick-Off Classic Synchronized Skating Competition

1.       Western Michigan University – 70.41

2.       Adrian College Varsity SST – 69.44

3.       University of Illinois – 49.96

4.       Liberty University – 43.64

2018 Dr. Porter Synchronized Skating Classic

1.       Miami University – 97.52

2.       Adrian College Varsity SST – 79.80

3.       University of Michigan – 79.38

4.       University of Delaware – 76.99

5.       Michigan State University – 69.68

6.       Western Michigan University – 66.89

7.       University of Illinois – 52.80

8.       Liberty University – 50.93

9.       University of Notre Dame – 36.62

2019 Midwestern Synchronized Skating Sectional Championships – Collegiate Division

1.       Miami University – 87.73

2.       Western Michigan University – 82.85

3.       Adrian College Varsity SST – 79.02

4.       Michigan State University – 74.65

5.       University of Michigan – 66.48

6.       University of Illinois – 55.23

7.       University of Notre Dame – 46.40

2019 US Synchronized Skating Championships – Collegiate Division

1.       Miami University – 104.86

2.       Western Michigan University – 95.92

3.       University of Michigan – 91.67

4.       Adrian College Varsity SST – 87.44

5.       Michigan State University – 75.90

6.       University of Delaware – 74.89

7.       Team Excel – 72.93

8.       Boston University – 62.21

9.       University of Illinois – 57.81

10.   Liberty University – 54.91

11.   University of Notre Dame – 46.83

12.   University of Massachusetts – 45.51

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