All-Time Bulldog All-Americans

(National affiliation key: ABCA=American Baseball Coaches Association; ACHA=American Collegiate Hockey Association; AHCA=American Hockey Coaches Association; AVCA=American Volleyball Coaches Association; CTBCA=Club Team Bowling Coaches' Association; CoSIDA=College Sports Information Directors of America; IWLCA=Intercollegiate Women's Lacrosse Coaches Association; NCBA=National Club Baseball Association; NCAA=National Collegiate Athletic Association; NFCA=National Fastpitch Coaches Association (softball); NSCAA=National Soccer Coaches Association of America; NSCA=National Softball Coaches Association; WCWA=Women's Collegiate Wrestling Association; USILA=United States Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association) 

Baseball (11 student-athletes 22 times)
2008--Bobby Rickstad, Sr., P, ABCA Third Team
2009--Alex Cowart, Jr., 2B, ABCA First Team, Second Team
2009--Ryan Domschot, So., P, First Team
(Note: Todd Meyers won ABCA National Gold Glove Award at shortstop in 2009)
2010--Alex Cowart, Sr., 2B/OF, ABCA Second Team, Second Team
2011--Brian Bilius, Sr., 3B, Third Team 2011
2012--Kyle Strawn, Sr., OF, Honorable Mention
2014--Ryan Dorow, Fr., SS, Third Team, ABCA Third Team (D3Baseball Rookie of the Year) 
2016--Ryan Dorow, Jr., SS, ABCA Third Team, Honorable Mention
2017--Ian Mikowski, Sr., OF, First Team, ABCA Second Team
2017--Tommy Parsons, Jr., RHP, ABCA Third Team, Third Team
2017--Ryan Dorow, Sr., SS, Third Team 
2018--Tommy Parsons, Sr., RHP, ABCA First Team, Second Team
2018--Hunter Hayes, Sr., 1B, Honorable Mention
2019--Thomas Miller, So., SS, ABCA Second Team
2019--Dugan Darnell, Sr., UT, Fourth Team

Club Baseball (3 student-athletes 3 times)
2019--Mark Cash, Sr., P, Second Team
2019--Tyler Roushia, Sr., 2B, Second Team
2019--Evan Gugnacki, So., 1B, Second Team

Basketball, Women's (3+)
1980--Jamie VanArsdalen, Sr., Position, American Women's Sports Foundation
1996--Cherokee Hoaglund, Sr., Position, Honorable Mention All-America (also NCAA Woman of the Year for state of Michigan)
1999--Ann Terpstra, Jr., C, Honorable Mention

Bass Fishing (8 student-athletes 8 times)
2016--Nick Marsh, So., Fishing League Worldwide
2016--Jeffrey Morton, So., Fishing League Worldwide
2016--Jacob Bayer, So., Fishing League Worldwide 
2016--Jarrett Martin, So., Fishing League Worldwide
Note: Adrian was the only school with more than two All-Americans in 2015-16 season. 
2018--Cody Batterson, So., Fishing League Worldwide
2018--Chase Serafin, Jr., Fishing League Worldwide 
2018--Jack Hippe, Jr., Fishing League Worldwide
2018--Nick Czajka, Jr., Fishing League Worldwide

Bowling, Women's (5 student-athletes 6 times)
2016--Brittney Antonelli, Jr., Collegiate Club Championships
2016--Taylor Ouellette, Sr., Collegiate Club Championships
2016--Jennifer Kelly, So., Collegiate Club Championships
2016--Noelle Scheuer, So., Collegiate Club Championships 
2017--Jennifer Kelly, Jr., CTBCA/Collegiate Club Championships Second Team
2017--Marissa Land, So., CTBCA/Collegiate Club Championships Second Team

Bowling, Men's (1)
2017--Dylin Hunter, Jr., CTBCA/Collegiate Club Championships 

Figure Skating (13 student-athletes 24 times)
2016--Nikki Czuhajewski, Fr., U.S. Intercollegiate Team Championships
2016--Tricia DeFelice, Sr., U.S. Intercollegiate Team Championships
2016--Megan Sauer, So., U.S. Intercollegiate Team Championships
2016--Madeline Sena, Jr., U.S. Intercollegiate Team Championships
2017--Ciara Athy, Jr., U.S. Intercollegiate Team Championships
2017--Alex DiCola, Fr., U.S. Intercollegiate Team Championships
2017--Barbara Hipp, Sr., U.S. Intercollegiate Team Championships
2017--Megan Sauer, Jr., U.S. Intercollegiate Team Championships 
2017--Macauley Lukenda, So., U.S. Intercollegiate Team Championships
2018--Jill Westerbur, So., U.S. Intercollegiate Team Championships (Intermediate Dance)
2018--Ceci Picard, Fr., U.S. Intercollegiate Team Championships (Pre-Preliminary Freeskate)
2018--Amy Czuhajewski, Fr., U.S. Intercollegiate Team Championships (Intermediate Short Program)
2018--Macauley Lukenda, Jr., U.S. Intercollegiate Team Championships (Novice Short Program)
2018--Megan Sauer, Sr., U.S. Intercollegiate Team Championships (Junior Freeskate)
2018--Nikki Czuhajewski, Jr., U.S. Intercollegiate Team Championships (Junior Short Program, Junior Championship Freeskate, Senior Dance)
2019--Amy Czuhajewski, So., U.S. Intercollegiate Team Championships (Excel Intermediate Free Skate, Senior Pattern Dance)
2019--Nikki Czuhajewski, Sr., U.S. Intercollegiate Team Championships (Junior Championship Free Skate, Junior Ladies Short Program)
2019--Jill Westerbur, Jr., U.S. Intercollegiate Team Championships (Novice Solo Free Dance)
2019--Casey Labrenz, Jr., U.S. Intercollegiate Team Championships (Excel Senior Free Skate)
2019--Sadie Woodruff, Fr., U.S. Intercollegiate Team Championships (Novice Pattern Dance)

Football (25+)
1982--Bryan L. Epple, Sr., OL, Pizza Hut Honorable Mention
1982--James Nowaske, Sr., DL, CoSIDA Third Team Defense; Pizza Hut Third Team Defense 
1983--Kennie Taylor, Class, FB, Pizza Hut Third Team Offense
1983--John Iafolla, Sr., LB, Pizza Hut Third Team Defense
1983--Steve Motte, Class, FB, Pizza Hut Third Team Offense
1983--Mike Farrell, So., PK, Pizza Hut Honorable Mention
1984--Bob Fallon, Class, OL, Pizza Hut Honorable Mention
1985--Mike Farrell, Sr., PK, Pizza Hut Second Team
1985--Greg Pscodna, Class, DT, Pizza Hut Honorable Mention 
1985--Bob Smedley, Class, TE, Pizza Hut Honorable Mention Offense
1985--Gary Guidos, Class, LB, Pizza Hut Honorable Mention
1986--Robert Banks, Class, WR, Pizza Hut Honorable Mention
1986--Tony Krenselewski, Class, DB, Pizza Hut Honorable Mention  
1988--Tim Doty, Class, LB, Don Hansen's Football Gazette Second Team 
1988--Mike Scott, Class, Position, Don Hansen's Football Gazette Third Team
1989--Tim Doty, Class, LB, Pizza Hut Honorable Mention
1989--Bill Badour, Class, FB, Pizza Hut Honorable Mention
1989--Jeff Goodes, Class, PK, Pizza Hut Honorable Mention
1996--Todd Alcock, Sr., T, Hewlett Packard Honorable Mention Offense 
1997--Aaron Klotz, Sr., DB, USA College Football Network
Year--Ron Shiels, Class, DB, Organization?? 
2003--Mike Lewis, So., DE, CoSIDA Honorable Mention 
2004—Dan McKeown, Class, DB, All-America First Team
2004--Mike Lewis, Jr., DE, Third Team Defense
2004--Taz Wallace, So., LB, Third Team Defense
2005--Mike Lewis, Sr., DE, First Team Defense
2006--Taz Wallace, Sr., LB, First Team Defense
2017--Cameron Cook, Sr., PK, Second Team Specialist
(Notes: Aaron Klotz also was named a Preseason All-American by The Sporting News and Street & Smith's; Stephon Pietszak was a 1991 Preseason All-American by College Preview Magazine; Troy Niblock was a 2008 Pre-Season All-American by Consensus Draft Services.)

Golf, Men's (1)
1977--Ted Durdel, 17th place at NCAA Division III Championships

Golf, Women's (1)
1994--Karen Baird, 9th place at NCAA Division III Championships 

Hockey, Men's NCAA (16 student-athletes 33 times)
2008--Adam Krug, Junior, Forward, AHCA/CCM Second Team
2010--Chris Stansik, Jr., D, AHCA/CCM Second Team, Second Team
2010--Mike Dahlinger, Jr., F, AHCA/CCM Second Team, Second Team
2010--Jeremy Klaver, Class, Position, Honorable Mention
(Note: Forward Zach Graham named to the All-Rookie Team)
2011--Shawn Skelly, Sr., F, AHCA/CCM First Team, First Team
2012--Chris Stansik, Sr., D, AHCA/CCM First Team, First Team
2012--Zach Graham, Jr., F, AHCA/CCM First Team, Third Team
2013--Zach Graham, Sr., F, AHCA/CCM First Team, Second Team
2013--Shaquille Merasty, Fr., F, AHCA/CCM Second Team ( Rookie of the Year)
2014--Duston Hebebrand, Junior, Forward, AHCA/CCM Second Team
2015--Kyle Brothers, Freshman, Forward, AHCA/CCM First Team ( Rookie of the Year)
2015--Josh Ranalli, Senior, Forward, AHCA/CCM First Team
2015--Ryan Gieseler, Senior, Defense, AHCA/CCM Second Team
2016--Chris Leone, Sr., D, AHCA/CCM First Team; Second Team
2016--Cory Dunn, Fr., D, HERO Sports; AHCA/CCM Second Team; Third Team
(Note: Forward Connor Armour was named the 2016 USCHO National Freshman of the Year, and joined defenseman Cory Dunn and goalie Kevin Entmaa on the All-Rookie Team) 
2017--Cory Dunn, So., D, AHCA/CCM First Team, First Team
2017--Trevor Boyd, So., F, AHCA/CCM Second Team
2018--Cory Dunn, Jr., D, AHCA/CCM First Team
2018--Mathew Thompson, Sr., F, AHCA/CCM First Team
2018--Taylor McCloy, Sr., F, AHCA/CCM Third Team
2019--Cory Dunn, Sr., D, AHCA/CCM First Team, First Team
2019--Braden Hellems, Sr., D, AHCA/CCM Second Team

Hockey, Women's NCAA (14 student-athletes 39 times)
2011--Emily Michelin, Fr., G, AHCA/CCM First Team
2012--Kelly Salis, Sr., D, AHCA/CCM Second Team
2013--Brittany Zeches, Sr., G, AHCA/CCM First Team
2013--Alix Vallee, Jr., D, AHCA/CCM First Team
2014--Alix Vallee, Sr., D, AHCA/CCM First Team, First Team
2014--Kelsey Kusch, Jr., F, First Team, AHCA/CCM Second Team
(Note: Forward Kristin Lewicki placed on the USCHO All-Rookie Team in 2014)
2015--Jade Walsh, So., G, First Team, AHCA/CCM Second Team
2015--Kelsey Kusch, Sr., F, Third Team
2016--Sydney Smith, Jr., D, First Team, First Team, AHCA/CCM First Team
2016--Kristin Lewicki, Jr., F, AHCA/CCM First Team, Second Team, Second Team
2016--Jade Walsh, Jr., G, Second Team
(Note: Freshman Brooke Lupi, National Rookie of the Year)
2017--Kristin Lewicki, Sr., F, AHCA/CCM First Team (Laura Hurd National Player of the Year Runner-Up), First Team (Division III Player of the Year)
2017--Sydney Smith, Sr., D, First Team, AHCA/CCM Second Team
2017--Kelly O'Sullivan, Fr., D, AHCA/CCM First Team, Second Team (USCHO Division III Rookie of the Year)  
2017--Kaylyn Schroka, Sr., F, AHCA/CCM Second Team, Second Team
2017--Sarah Shureb, Sr., F, AHCA/CCM Second Team, Second Team
2017--Brooke Lupi, So., F, Third Team
(Note: Chad Davis was named the AHCA/CCM Division III Women's Coach of the Year)
2018--Kelly O'Sullivan, So., D, AHCA/CCM First Team, First Team
2018--Kate Turner, Fr., G, AHCA/CCM Second Team, First Team (also All-Rookie Team)
2018--Kristi Zink, Sr., D, AHCA/CCM Second Team, Third Team
2019--Kelly O'Sullivan, Jr., D, AHCA/CCM First Team, Second Team
(Note: Freshman goalie Denisa Jandová was named to the All-Rookie Team in 2019)

Hockey, Men's ACHA Division 1 (10 student-athletes 15 times)
2012--Ryan Bachman, Class, F, ACHA First Team
2012--Matt Anderson, Class, G, ACHA Third Team 
2013--Andrew Amodeo, Class, D, ACHA First Team
2013--Senate Patton, Class, F, ACHA Second Team
2014--Ryan Bachman, Class, F, ACHA Second Team
2015--Brad Kobryn, Fr., F, ACHA First Team (ACHA Division 1 National Player & Rookie of the Year) 
2015--Andre Rakas, Jr., D, ACHA Third Team
(Note: Freshman Austyn Roudebush selected to the 2015 ACHA All-Rookie Team)
2016--Brad Kobryn, So., F, ACHA First Team
2016--Austyn Roudebush, So., G, ACHA Third Team
2017--Brad Kobryn, Jr., F, ACHA First Team (ACHA Division 1 National Player of the Year)
2017--Marcus Rose, Fr., F, ACHA (ACHA Division 1 National Rookie of the Year)
2018--Joe Costello, So., F, ACHA Second Team
2018--JP Grineau, So., D, ACHA Third Team 
2018--Brad Kobryn, Sr., F, ACHA First Team
2018--Austyn Roudebush, Sr., G, ACHA First Team (ACHA Division 1 National Player of the Year)
(Note: Jordan Oshowy was named to the 2017-18 ACHA All-Rookie Team)

Hockey, Men's ACHA Division 3 Gold (2 student-athletes 2 times)
2014--Josh Dollinger, Jr., Position, ACHA First Team (ACHA Division 3 National Player of the Year)
2014--Myles Maltz, So., Position, ACHA First Team

Hockey, Women's ACHA Division 1 (5 student-athletes 7 times)
2014--Jenna Jubinville, So., D, ACHA Second Team
2017--Alison Dungey, Jr., G, ACHA First Team
2017--Kaillie Hardy, So., F, ACHA First Team
2017--Jess Harrison, Fr., D, ACHA Second Team
2018--Alison Dungey, Sr., G, ACHA First Team
2018--Kaillie Hardy, Jr., F, ACHA First Team 
2018--Nicole Paradis, Jr., F, ACHA First Team 

Lacrosse, Men's (1)
2012--Coady Adamson, Jr., MF, USILA Honorable Mention, LaxPower Honorable Mention

Lacrosse, Women's (1)
2013--Stacey Birlson, Sr., A, IWLCA Third Team 

Soccer, Women's (1 student-athlete 2 times)
2011--Sam Barker, So., F, NSCAA/Continental Tire Third Team, Third Team

Softball (4 student-athletes 4 times)
1993--Karen Baird, Sr., SS, NSCA/Louisville Slugger First Team
1995--Tonya Weaver, Jr., C, NSCA/Louisville Slugger Second Team
1997--Angie Adams, So., 2B, NFCA/Louisville Slugger Third Team
2009--Kelly Tomasek, So., RHP/At-Large, NFCA/Louisville Slugger Third Team 

Synchronized Skating

Indoor Track & Field, Women's (2 student-athletes 2 times)
2004--Amanda Haines, pole vault, NCAA National Champion
2012--Kelsea Sellers, 60-meter dash, 4th place at NCAA Championships

Indoor Track & Field, Men's (4 student-athletes 5 times)
2002--Enrique Abundiz, pole vault, 7th place at NCAA Championships
2003--Enrique Abundiz, pole vault, 8th place at NCAA Championships
2019--Jordan Davis, Senior, 60-meter hurdles, 3rd place at NCAA Championships    
2019--Nicholas Jackson, Sophomore, high jump, 7th place at NCAA Championships 
2019--Randy Fry, Senior, 200-meter dash, 8th place at NCAA Championships

Outdoor Track & Field, Men's (12 student-athletes 11 times; [relay events count as one time])
1979--Scott Southworth, discus throw, 4th place at NCAA Championships
1980--Tom Jakubowski, 110-meter hurdles, 3rd place at NCAA Championships
1985--Rob Phillips, 400-meter hurdles, 7th place at NCAA Championships
2013--Jacob Mehr, shot put, 5th place at NCAA Championships
2015--Dominick Reed, 3000-meter steeplechase, 8th place at NCAA Championships
2018--Donovan Ervin, Marcus Higginbottom, Jordan Davis, Randy Fry, 4x100 relay, 5th place at NCAA Championships
2019--Daz Lawrence, high jump, 6th place at NCAA Championships 
2019--Marcus Higginbottom, Denzel Tinsley, Jordan Davis, Randy Fry, 4x100 relay, 5th place at NCAA Championships
2019--Nicholas Jackson, high jump, 5th place at NCAA Championships
2019--Randy Fry, 100m, 7th place at NCAA Championships; 200m, 6th place at NCAA Championships

Outdoor Track & Field, Women's (5 student-athletes 9 times)
1986--Lou Ann Jessup, high jump, 5th place at NCAA Championships
1987--Lou Ann Jessup, high jump, 3rd place at NCAA Championships
1988--Heidi Olsen, high jump, 5th place at NCAA Championships
1989--Heidi Olsen, high jump, 7th place (tie) at NCAA Championships 
1992--Rochelle Carson, 400-meter hurdles, 4th place; Richelle Carson, heptathlon, 5th place, both at NCAA Championships
2003--Amanda Haines, pole vault, 6th place at NCAA Championships
2004--Amanda Haines, pole vault, NCAA National Champion
2019--Britney Carnagie, javelin throw, 6th place at NCAA Championships

Volleyball, Women's (1)
2005--Lindsey Eshelman, So., OH, AVCA Third Team

Wrestling, Men's (1)
2016--Angus Arthur, Fr., 4th place (197 pounds) at NCAA Championships 

Wrestling, Women's (4 student-athletes 4 times)
2016--Sam Cushard, Fr., 7th place (155 pounds) at WCWA Championships 
2019--Kassidy Block, Gr., 7th place (59kg) at USA Wrestling's Women Nationals U-23 Division
2019--Zoe Nowicki, Fr., 8th place (65kg) at USA Wrestling's Women Nationals U-19 Division
2019--Maggie Elliott, So., 8th place (72kg) at USA Wrestling's Women Nationals U-19 Division

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