Dear Student-Athletes, Parents, and Guardians,

As you are aware, with the participation in intercollegiate athletics comes injuries that will require medical attention during the student athlete’s career at Adrian College.  The student athlete and/or parent/guardian are the primary responsible party for any expenses stemming from such athletic injury.  Typically, an employers’ group insurance policy will cover a dependent up to the age of twenty-four.  Maintenance of this dependent coverage or purchase of another policy to cover the student athlete is expected.

In addition to your individual insurance, Adrian College carries an Athletic Accident Insurance Policy to assist in payment for injuries sustained during supervised practices and games in intercollegiate athletics.  This policy covers all intercollegiate athletes and no enrollment or paperwork is required.  Utilization of both your primary insurance coverage and our secondary policy when applicable, it is possible that many bills will be paid in full or at least to the extent that coverage allows.

Adrian College stresses our secondary policy applies only to injuries sustained while participating in the play or practice of supervised intercollegiate athletics.  It will not cover illnesses, pre-existing injuries, dental, vision, or other medical problems not related to participation in intercollegiate athletics.  In the event a covered injury occurs, we require certain procedures be followed in order to properly complete all insurance claims.  Please read the following carefully to minimize the possibility for any unpaid bills.

  • If a student-athlete is accidentally injured in a covered event and generates medical expenses associated with the accident, all claims must first be filed with the student's or parents' personal (primary) insurance company.
  • If a balance remains after the personal insurance company has paid its maximum, that balance can be submitted to the school's insurance company. The student-athlete must submit the itemized bill to the Athletic Training Staff along with a copy of the EOB (explanation of benefits) from their insurance company showing that the personal insurance has already paid its maximum.
  • If the expense is covered, the school's insurance company will pay the balance of the eligible medical expenses up to the maximum of the policy.
  • If the primary family coverage is through an HMO, the proper procedures required by that plan must be followed in order for the school's insurance to satisfactorily complete its portion of the claim. This is especially important if the plan requires pre-authorization to have the student-athlete treated out of the plan's network.
  • The student athlete must report all athletic related accidental injuries to the Athletic Training staff within 10 days of the injury to ensure proper treatment and care are provided. Injuries not reported within a timely manner will not be covered under our secondary policy.

As an athletic training staff, we appreciate your help and understanding to ensure all student athletes are appropriately covered. If you have other questions or concerns, please contact Meg Sharp via email.  We look forward to working with you in the upcoming year.


Athletic Insurance Policy

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Student Express Policy (PDF)