Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to complete a medical physical before I participate in the Adrian College athletic program?

A: All student athletes must undergo a detailed physical examination which needs to be performed by a physician and must include their signature.  The signature must be from that of a medical doctor and signatures from chiropractors or nurse practitioners will not be accepted.

The pre-participation physical exam form must be completed prior to any participation in Adrian College's intercollegiate athletic programs. This form can be obtained from the Magnus Health portal. New or transfer athletes must get a pre-participation physical before coming onto campus in the fall, as well as bring a copy of their previous school’s health physical. Returning student athletes need to only complete the medical update form every year with the athletic training staff.

Q: What forms do I need to fill out before arriving at Adrian College as a student athlete?

A: Completion of the Magnus Health Systems profile is required for general attendance AND athletic participation. Emails will be sent to your school email address directly from Magnus Health with thorough instructions for profile completion.

  • Student Vital Health Record
  • Immunization Form
  • Athletic Physical
  • Athletic Sickle Cell Trait Verification Form
  • Statement and Consent
  • Other Institutional Forms

Q: How do I get cleared to participate?

A: Magnus Health Systems is a secure online database that complies with all HIPAA/FERPA regulations used by Adrian College to track all medical and emergency information for ALL students. Specific information is required from athletes, so please be sure to read carefully and thoroughly.


Q: Do I have to have health insurance to participate?

A: A primary insurance policy is not required to participate. However it is strongly recommended as our excess insurance only covers sports-related injuries. Please seek insurance through open enrollment as required by law and the Affordable Care Act.


Q: If I receive a medical bill from an injury/surgery I obtained or underwent while competing for Adrian College athletics, who do I contact?

A: Proper procedure should preclude you from having to collect any information, however in the event that a secondary insurance letter is not taken to each physician appointment; please contact the insurance coordinator with billing information. The coordinator will contact each provider with the correct information.


Q: What if I get ill, such as with the flu, or have a non-athletic injury while competing at Adrian College? Who do I see for care?

A: Always contact the athletic training staff first with any injury or illness. We will refer you to either Goldsmith Health Center or the proper physician for treatment of your illness/injuries.


Q: What are the hours of operation of the Athletic Training Room?

A: The Athletic Training Room is open Monday - Friday 9 am until noon by appointment for treatments and evaluations. The athletic training room will be open for pre-practice treatments in the afternoon starting at 1pm.  If a student athlete can not make into the athletic training room for treatment due to class conflicts then separate arrangements can be made between the individual ATC and the student athlete to receive treatment.