Adrian College Men's Hockey Tradition And All-Time Honors

All-America (13 student-athletes 20 times)
2008--Adam Krug, Junior, Forward, AHCA/CCM Second Team
2010--Chris Stansik, Junior, Defense, AHCA/CCM Second Team
2010--Mike Dahlinger, Junior, Forward, AHCA/CCM Second Team
2011--Shawn Skelly, Senior, Forward, AHCA/CCM First Team
2012--Chris Stansik, Senior, Defense, AHCA/CCM First Team
2012--Zach Graham, Junior, Forward, AHCA/CCM First Team
2013--Zach Graham, Senior, Forward, AHCA/CCM First Team
2013--Shaquille Merasty, Freshman, Forward, AHCA/CCM Second Team
2014--Duston Hebebrand, Junior, Forward, AHCA/CCM Second Team
2015--Kyle Brothers, Freshman, Forward, AHCA/CCM First Team
2015--Josh Ranalli, Senior, Forward, AHCA/CCM First Team
2015--Ryan Gieseler, Senior, Defense, AHCA/CCM Second Team
2016--Chris Leone, Senior, Defense, AHCA/CCM First Team; Second Team
2016--Cory Dunn, Freshman, Defense, HERO Sports; AHCA/CCM Second Team; Third Team
2017--Cory Dunn, Sophomore, Defense, AHCA/CCM First Team; First Team
2017--Trevor Boyd, Sophomore, Forward, AHCA/CCM Second Team

NCAA Division III Championship Appearances (7)
2010--First Round (St. Norbert, L 4-3)
2011--National Runner-Up (Elmira, W 5-3; Oswego State, W 5-3; St. Norbert, L 4-3)
2013--National Quarterfinals (Oswego State, L 3-2)
2014--National Quarterfinals (St. Norbert, L 7-2)
2015--National Semifinals (Oswego State, W 5-4; Trinity-Conn., L 5-3)
2016--National Quarterfinals (Wisconsin-Stevens Point, L 5-2)
2017--National Semifinals (Wisconsin-Stevens Point, W 6-3; Norwich, L 5-4 in overtime)

Conference Championships (16 titles=9 regular season+7 tournament)
2008--MCHA Peters Cup Regular-Season (19-1, 26-3 overall), Harris Cup Tournament
2009--MCHA Peters Cup Regular-Season (20-0, 27-1-1 overall), Harris Cup Tournament
2010--MCHA Peters Cup Regular-Season (20-0, 24-4 overall), Harris Cup Tournament
2011--MCHA Peters Cup Regular-Season (18-1-1, 25-4-1 overall), Harris Cup Tournament
2012--MCHA Peters Cup Regular-Season (17-2-1, 20-6-1 overall)
2013--MCHA Peters Cup Regular-Season (17-0-3, 23-2-3 overall), Harris Cup Tournament
2015--NCHA Peters Cup Regular-Season (16-1-1, 24-4-3 overall), Harris Cup Tournament
2016--NCHA Peters Cup Regular-Season (17-2-1 South Division, 24-4-1 overall), Harris Cup Tournament
2017--NCHA Peters Cup Regular-Season (17-3 South Division) National Team of the Week
2016--2017--coming soon!!!

All-Conference (24 student-athletes 44 times)
2008--Adam Krug, Junior, Forward (MCHA Player of the Year)
2008--Eric Miller, Freshman, Forward
2008--Shawn Skelly, Freshman, Forward
2008--Chris Stansik, Freshman, Defense
2008--Quinn Waller, Freshman, Defense
2008--Brad Fogal, Freshman, Goalie
2008 All-Freshmen Team--Brad Fogal, Eric Miller, Shawn Skelly, Quinn Waller
2009--Adam Krug, Senior, Forward
2009--Eric Miller, Sophomore, Forward
2009--Shawn Skelly, Sophomore, Forward (MCHA Player of the Year)
2009--Chris Stansik, Sophomore, Defense
2009--Quinn Waller, Sophomore, Defense
2009--Brad Fogal, Sophomore, Goalie
2009--Ron Fogarty, MCHA Coach of the Year, second season
2010--Mike Dahlinger, Junior, Forward (MCHA Player of the Year)
2010--Sam Kuzyk, Junior, Forward
2010--Shawn Skelly, Junior, Forward
2010--Jeremy Klaver, Junior, Defense
2010--Chris Stansik, Junior, Defense
2010--Brad Fogal, Junior, Goalie
2010 All-Freshmen Team--Zach Graham, Forward 
2011--Mike Dahlinger, Senior, Forward
2011--Eric Miller, Senior, Forward
2011--Shawn Skelly, Senior, Forward
2011--Jeremy Klaver, Senior, Defense
2011--Quinn Waller, Senior, Defense
2011--Brad Fogal, Senior, Goalie
2011 All-Freshmen Team--Josh Cousineau, Forward
2012--Josh Cousineau, Sophomore, Forward
2012--Zach Graham, Junior, Forward (MCHA Player of the Year)
2012--Chris Stansik, Senior, Defense
2012--Scott Shackell, Freshman, Goalie
2012--Ron Fogarty, MCHA Coach of the Year, fifth season
2012 All-Freshmen Team--Shelby Gray, Forward; Scott Shackell, Goalie 
2013--Zach Graham, Senior, Forward (MCHA Player of the Year)
2013--Shaquille Merasty, Freshman, Forward
2013--Scott Shackell, Sophomore, Goalie
2013--Ron Fogarty, MCHA Coach of the Year, sixth season
2013 All-Freshmen Team--Shaquille Merasty, Forward
2014--Duston Hebebrand, Junior, Forward
2014--Ryan Gieseler, Junior, Defense
2014 All-Freshmen Team--Brett Pinkerton, Forward; Michael Hoy, Defense
2015--Kyle Brothers, Freshman, Forward (NCHA Freshman of the Year)
2015--Josh Ranalli, Senior, Forward
2015--Ryan Gieseler, Senior, Defense
2015--Adam Krug, NCHA Coach of the Year, first season
2015 All-Freshmen Team--Kyle Brothers, Forward; Blake Butzow, Defense; Mat Thompson, Forward
2016--Connor Armour, Freshman, Forward (NCHA Freshman of the Year)
2016--Mat Thompson, Sophomore, Forward
2016--Cory Dunn, Freshman, Defense
2016--Chris Leone, Senior, Defense
2016 All-Freshmen Team--Connor Armour, Forward; Cory Dunn, Defense; Kevin Entmaa, Goalie; Bryan Yim, Forward 
2017--Trevor Boyd, Sophomore, Forward
2017--Cory Dunn, Sophomore, Defense
2017--Kevin Entmaa, Sophomore, Goalie
2017--Bryan Yim, Sophomore, Forward 
2017 All-Freshmen Team--Vincent Paquette (NCHA Freshman of the Year), Forward; Joey Colatarci, Defense

Academic All-Conference (38 student-athletes 79 times)
2008--Rob Hodnicki, Sophomore, Defense, 
2008--Adam Krug, Junior, Center, 
2009--Eric Bailen, Sophomore, Right Wing
2009--Jeremy Cross, Sophomore, Goalie
2009--Mike Fiorillo, Sophomore, Center
2009--Zach Galia, Sophomore, Defense
2009--Bobby Hineman, Sophomore, Defense
2009--Rob Hodnicki, Junior, Defense
2009--Bradley Houston, Sophomore, Center
2009--Jeremy Klaver, Sophomore, Defense
2009--Adam Krug, Senior, Center,
2009--Sam Kuzyk, Sophomore, Left Wing
2009--Eric Roman, Junior, Defense
2009--Mike Towns, Sophomore, Right Wing
2009--Quinn Waller, Sophomore, Defense, 
2009--Kyle Watson, Sophomore, Left Wing
2009--Joel Workman, Sophomore, Left Wing
2009--Chris Stansik, Sophomore, Defense, 
2010--Jeremy Cross, Junior, Goalie
2010--Zach Galia, Junior, Defense
2010--Bobby Hineman, Junior, Defense
2010--Rob Hodnicki, Senior, Defense, 
2010--Brad Houston, Junior, Center
2010--Jeremy Klaver, Junior, Defense
2010--Sam Kuzyk, Junior, Left Wing
2010--Eric Roman, Junior, Defense
2010--Chris Stansik, Junior, Defense
2010--Mike Towns, Junior, Right Wing
2010--Quinn Waller, Junior, Defense
2010--Kyle Watson, Junior, Left Wing
2010--Joel Workman, Junior, Left Wing
2011--Shawn Courtney, Sophomore, Defense
2011--Jeremy Cross, Senior, Goalie, 
2011--Zach Galia, Senior, Defense
2011--Zach Graham, Sophomore, Forward,
2011--Bobby Hineman, Senior, Defense, 
2011--Brad Houston, Senior, Center
2011--Jeremy Klaver, Senior, Defense,
2011--Sam Kuzyk, Senior, Left Wing, 
2011--Eric Roman, Senior, Defense,
2011--Drew Satterley, Senior, Left Wing,
2011--Mike Towns, Senior, Right Wing, 
2011--Quinn Waller, Senior, Defense, 
2011--Kyle Watson, Senior, Left Wing, 
2011--Joel Workman, Senior, Left Wing, 
2011--Jeff Young, Sophomore, Forward, 
2012--Shawn Courtney, Junior, Defense, 
2012--Zach Graham, Junior, Forward, 
2012--Zach Wilson, Sophomore, Forward,
2013--Zach Graham, Senior, Forward, Secondary Education
2013--Rob Heath, Sophomore, Defense, Business
2013--Dylan Towns, Sophomore, Defense, Business Management
2014--Rob Heath, Junior, Defense, Business
2014--Duston Hebebrand, Junior, Forward, General Studies
2014--Micki Mihailovich, Junior, Defense, Business
2014--Dylan Towns, Junior, Defense, Business Management
2014--Zachary Wilson, Senior, Forward, Criminal Justice
2015--Rob Heath, Senior, Forward, International Business
2015--Jake Flegel, Sophomore, Defense, Business
2015--Austin Hervey, Sophomore, Forward, Accounting
2015--Michael Hoy, Sophomore, Defense, Biology
2015--Brent Sauve, Sophomore, Forward, Business Management
2016--Brent Sauve, Senior, Forward, Business Management (graduated in three years)
2016--Austin Hervey, Junior, Forward, Accounting
2016--Michael Hoy, Junior, Left Defense, Biology
2016--Daniel Lisi, Junior, Left Wing, Accounting
2016--Tyler Parks, Junior, Goalie, Business
2016--Blake Butzow, Sophomore, Left Defense, Exercise Science
2016--Austin Rust, Sophomore, Right Wing, Athletic Training 
2017--Austin Hervey, Senior, Forward, Accounting 
2017--Michael Hoy, Senior, Left Defense, Biology and Spanish
2017--Daniel Lisi, Senior, Left Wing, Accounting
2017--Blake Butzow, Junior, Left Defense, Exercise Science
2017--Austin Rust, Junior, Right Wing, Athletic Training
2017--Trevor Boyd, Sophomore, Left Wing, Finance 
2017--Cameron Cooper, Sophomore, Right Defense, Business
2017--Braden Hellems, Sophomore, Right Defense, Criminal Justice
2017--Chase Matson, Sophomore, Left Wing/Center, Business Management
2017--Bryan Yim, Sophomore, Right Wing/Center, Physics and Engineering
(Note: In 2009, Bulldogs set conference record with 16 members named) 

MCHA/NCHA Conference All-Tournament Team (22 student-athletes 35 times)
2008--Forward: Eric Miller, Freshman
2008--Defense: Chris Stansik, Freshman
2008--Goalie: Brad Fogal, Freshman,  
2009--Tournament Most Valuable Player, Sophomore forward Eric Miller
2009--Forward: Brad Houston
2009--Forward: Adam Krug
2009--Defense: Quinn Waller
2009--Goalie: Brad Fogal, 
2010--Tournament Most Valuable Player, Junior forward Eric Miller
2010--Forward: Shawn Skelly
2010--Defense: Jeremy Klaver
2011--Tournament Most Valuable Player, Senior forward Shawn Skelly
2011--Forward: Eric Miller, Senior
2011--Forward: Zach Graham
2011--Defense: Jeremy Klaver, 
2011--Goalie: Brad Fogal,
2012--Forward: Shelby Gray
2012--Forward: Zach Graham
2012--Defense: Chris Stansik
2013--Tournament Most Valuable Player, Junior forward Josh Cousineau
2013--Forward: Shaquille Merasty
2013--Forward: Josh Ranalli,
2013--Defense: Chris Leone
2013--Goalie: Scott Shackell
2014--Forward: Josh Ranalli, Junior
2015--Tournament Most Valuable Player, Freshman forward Kyle Brothers
2015--Forward: Josh Ranalli, Senior
2015--Forward: Mathew Thompson, Freshman
2015--Defense: Ryan Gieseler
2016--Tournament Most Valuable Player, Senior defenseman Chris Leone
2016--Forward: Austin Hervey, Junior 
2016--Defense: Cory Dunn, Freshman
2016--Goalie: Kevin Entmaa, Freshman
2017--Forward: Taylor McCloy, Junior
2017--Forward: Mathew Thompson, Junior 

(Note: The Midwest Collegiate Hockey Association [MCHA] was renamed the Northern Collegiate Hockey Association [NCHA] effective for the 2013-14 season.)

NCAA Division III Statistical Champions ()
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