College Consensus Recognizes Adrian College as a 2018 Best Regional College

College Consensus Recognizes Adrian College as a 2018 Best Regional College

DURHAM, N.C. -- Adrian College prides itself on making a quality liberal arts education a transformational experience. Recently, College Consensus ranked Adrian College among its “Best Regional Colleges” and among the top ten in all colleges and universities in the State of Michigan.

The special method developed by College Consensus puts the realities of ranking front and center. Every ranking has its own methodology and bias, but putting them all together gives College Consensus a birds-eye view of the landscape. That wider perspective ensures prospective students that they are getting a comprehensive ranking that takes in all of what’s known and thought about the Midwest’s regional colleges. And that makes College Consensus a one-stop shop for rankings. 

Bringing the College Consensus method to the Best Regional Colleges-Midwest means giving students a fully rounded, unbiased perspective on what those in the know have to say about their higher education options. With a wide range of published rankings and student reviews out there, College Consensus brings together the most trustworthy data to make an aggregate ranking. That provides the fullest picture available for Midwestern students and future students.

The College Consensus method looks across the crowded landscape of college rankings and boils it all down to a functional rating. The Publisher Rating portion of the College Consensus is based on published rankings by numerous reputable ranking agencies, including U.S. News & World Report, Forbes, and Wallethub. The Student Review Rating includes verified student reviews from sites like Students Review and Unigo, summed up into one rating. The College Consensus combines the two into a single ranking – the final, aggregate ranking. Read more about Consensus rankings methodology and sources at the organization's about page.

The Midwest’s best regional colleges are the undergraduate institutions preparing the Midwest’s professional and technical workforce. The College Consensus Best Regional Colleges-Midwest highlights the smaller public and private bachelor’s and associate’s degree colleges that don’t get the glory, but make a difference in students’ lives. It’s the two-year and four-year colleges that keep the economy humming, and that’s especially true in the Midwest, with vast rural areas and industrialized manufacturing cities. For Midwestern students and prospective students, the College Consensus best regional ranking is a valuable research tool.

“This accolade represents the efforts Adrian College has pursued to make each student’s experience comprehensive and transformational,” said Adrian College President, Dr. Jeffrey R. Docking. “We set out each day to distinguish the College for the value it represents to each family it serves.  This ranking serves as recognition of that emphasis.”

The Consensus Best Regional Colleges-Midwest are listed in descending order by their Consensus score. In the event of ties, schools are ranked in alphabetical order with the same rank number.

--Adrian College Marketing Communications